Colon Cleanse: A Key to Digestive Health and Weight Loss


Nowadays, people are becoming more and more health conscious. In fact, people are becoming more concerned about their health, fitness, and well-being. Colon cleanse is one of the popular health regimens nowadays. Its popularity is growing each day. You will see dietary supplements that claim to cleanse your colon almost everywhere. You can even find them on online marketplaces such as

Colon cleanse is basically the process of cleansing, cleaning and removing toxins from your large intestine. Studies show that almost everyone will suffer from autointoxication. It is believed that people can have gastrointestinal disorders resulting from our food choices. Recent research shows that millions of Americans suffer from digestive and other gastrointestinal diseases because of lack of dietary fiber. In fact, these studies show that many workers have missed work and decreased their productivity because of digestive problems caused by colon intoxication.

Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

The colon gets intoxicated because some of the foods that people consume cause the body’s eliminative system to become clogged or sluggish. When the eliminative system is clogged and not working properly, it has difficulty eliminating toxins and food wastes from your body. When this happens, toxic wastes build up in a person’s colon and later on result to serious degenerative diseases. The toxins that are found in the large intestine or colon will also be absorbed into the bloodstream. The toxins will be transported back to the various parts of the human body. This results to self poisoning or autointoxication.

The goal of colon cleanse is to remove the harmful toxins in your large intestine. It will generally cleanse your body and help ease constipation. It will also help get rid of fatigue and increase a person’s energy. Colon cleansing is also one of the best ways to jumpstart weight loss.

Although colon cleanse became popular again in the late 2000s, it was developed as early as 1500 BC in Egypt and Greece. It was also popular in the late 1920s and 1930s.

There are a lot of ways to cleanse your large intestine. In fact, you can consume foods that naturally clean and remove the toxins from your colon. You can consume foods such as avocado, fermented foods, apples, green leafy vegetables, and flax seeds to clean your colon. These foods are rich in fiber and can promote healthy digestion. You can even drink water mixed with sea salt to cleanse your colon. You can also use laxatives and enemas. However, the easiest way to do colon cleansing is through dietary supplements. A lot of dietary supplements that are good for the colon are available in the market today.

Colon cleansing dietary supplements do not only clean your colon. These wonder pills can enhance the efficiency of your digestive system. It is great to consume these dietary supplements if you are trying to lose weight. These are also easy to maintain; you can take these supplements every after meal.

Colon cleanse can do wonders to your health. It ensures that your digestive system is in top shape. When you clean your colon with the help of dietary supplements like those offered by Healthier Life Supplements, you will become healthier, more energetic, happier, and fitter.


The Benefits of Healthy Living

The information that is constantly being provided by medical researchers has made people become more and more aware of the pitfalls and benefits of their lifestyles. A few centuries ago, people did not know the nutritional contents of foods they take nor did they have information of the adverse effects our lifestyles have on our health. Technology and research has now made it possible for us to have this type of information. The effects of poor diets, careless lifestyles and nutritional value of foods is now common knowledge even to school children. The benefits of healthy living are also starting to show with having an increased quality of life and not to mention also that life expectancy has also increased.

The Benefits of Healthy Living

One of the biggest factors in improving our heath is information on the nutritional values of our food and knowledge of our dietary needs. When you combine this information and knowledge with understanding the advantages of healthy living, quality of life will be improved. For instance, we have all the facts about smoking. When it was introduced and seen to be a popular habit, very little was known about the damage it caused. Currently, there have been so many tests done such that information on the harm smoking causes is everywhere. As a result, there have been fewer smokers and more smoke free public places. This move has led to the increase of health standards for all.

The benefits of healthy living is not all about eating well and avoiding unhealthy lifestyles. It also involves the use of health supplements and exercise. When most people think about exercise, they start visualizing long and painful hours at the gym. This is not the case. There are some exercises which you can do during your normal daily routine, or at the comfort of your home. Such exercises will use less than an hour of your time. You do not need to purchase expensive exercise equipment nor do you need to have a gym membership.

Health supplements should also be taken into consideration as they help gain some of the nutrients that you may not get from your diets. A breakdown of how you can achieve a healthier lifestyle by using the right diets, exercise and health supplements will help you make an informed decision.

Making an effective diet is not easy. There is a whirlwind of information on different diets. Unfortunately, all these diets state that they are the best. This means it may be very hard for you to make up your mind. The best way to go about it would be having information on what you should be thinking of when you are choosing a good diet. Having the right information will help you get the right diet for healthy living as well as weight loss. The following are some tips you can use to find out if a diet plan is good or not

You should ask yourself ..”does the diet that I am using leaves me feeling hungry?”. The problem with a large number of common diets is that they only direct you to reduce the number of Continue reading

Ditch the Diet: White Mulberry Leaf Extract for Weight Loss Success

diet-successIt seems that every time you turn around, Dr. Oz is raving about a new superfruit. The thing about superfruits is that they aren’t really a new discovery. They have been used since ancient times, but we are just now harnessing their incredible powers. Native to China and India, white mulberry leaf extract boasts countless healing properties and was introduced to the United States during colonial times.

Ditch the Diet

The primary reason that diets fail is because they promote eating habits that are not at all sustainable. Eighty percent of weight loss success depends on what you put into your body. White mulberry weight loss supplements aid in fat loss by delaying the breakdown of sugar and preventing carbohydrate conversion, thus blocking fat storage.

Endorsed by Experts

Dr Oz is promotes the amazing benefits of white mulberry leaf extract as one of the most safe and effective weight loss pills on the market. The nationally syndicated Dr.Oz show has featured white mulberry supplements as the answer for everything from high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol to hair loss and constipation. It is a must-have in your collection of vitamins supplements!

How it Works

Alpha-glucosidase, a unique compound found in the leaves of the white mulberry plant, stabilizes the absorption of blood sugar while simultaneously reducing sugar cravings. Obviously, the less sugar you consume, the less fat you pack on your body since unused sugar ultimately turns into fat.

This same sugar-blocking enzyme prevents the processing of carbohydrates, starches and simple sugars, such as maltose, dextrose and sucrose, from being converted into glucose. Remember, unused glucose turns into fat. If glucose can’t be made, it can’t be stored as fat on your body.

White mulberry leaf weight loss supplements also promote sustained energy levels throughout the day, rather than the carb high and crash that you may be accustomed to if you have subsisted on a diet of fast food and sugary sodas.


– Slows the breakdown of carbohydrates and sugars in the stomach
– Stabilizes blood sugar levels
– Lowers overall cholesterol and blood pressure
– Loaded with key vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

White mulberry leaf supplements can help you maintain a balanced diet and healthier lifestyle.

Healthier Life Supplements is proud to introduce their blend of White Mulberry Leaf Extract to the market via their listing on, theirs is the best when it comes to weight loss pills for women. Their proprietary blend is professionally sourced and made right here in America.

White Mulberry Leaf Extract is an essential in your vitamins and supplements stash!

Saffron Extract for a Healthier You

colorful_jumpAre you a faithful gym-goer who can’t seem to shed those last few pounds? Or perhaps you eat healthy meals but find yourself mindlessly snacking in between. Maybe you turn to food for comfort or to help relieve stress. Whether you want to lose weight or simply enhance your health, Pure Saffron Extract can help you reach your goals quickly.

Not all vitamins supplements are created equally, and there are currently far too many products on the market today claiming to be something that they’re not. When it comes to vitamins and supplements, you want to know that what you are putting into your body will deliver safe and effective results.

At Healthier Life Supplements, we stand behind our commitment to deliver high quality weight loss pills and are thrilled to introduce weight loss pills for women, backed by Dr. Oz and targeted to conquer your cravings.

Benefits of Saffron Extract

One of the most expensive spices in the world, saffron is hailed for its aromatic and therapeutic properties, including its ability to suppress appetite and aid in weight loss efforts.

Endorsed by Dr Oz, Satiereal saffron extract is a clinically proven extract that comes from saffron and has been used for centuries to enhance the mood by naturally relieving stress. The serotonergic receptors, or the spots in the brain that react to the release of serotonin, respond to the pure saffron extract by producing pleasurable feelings that have been shown to help boost your mood. When the body and mind is in this positive emotional state, cortisol levels are lowered and sugary cravings are eliminated.

Backed by Science

Dr Oz is a prominent backer of weight loss pills for women that have been through the gamut of clinical trials. Dr.Oz would never endorse a supplement of questionable quality. Our supplements are manufactured in an FDA registered facility in Utah with the highest standards of accountability for absolute product purity.

Key Benefits

– Assist with weight loss efforts
– Reduce cravings
– Lessen the urge to snack between meals
– Promote satiety, or feelings of fullness
– Stabilize mood
– Increase energy levels

Product Features

– A natural spice extract that promotes the sensation of feeling full to help avoid unwanted snacking behaviors so you can achieve     your weight loss goals faster.

– Many people snack due to habit, stress, anxiety, boredom or frustration, even if they don’t feel hungry. Our Satiereal Saffron               Extract supplementation may help increase your feelings of fullness, decrease stress, and improve emotional behavior.

– Satiereal Saffron Extract is uniquely standardized to clinically active levels of the compound safranal. Human studies show that         safranal helps balance neurotransmitters or ‘feel good chemicals’ naturally as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Serotonin is one of       the body’s most important neurotransmitters, affecting your sensations of feeling full, mood, compulsivity, and appetite.

– Healthier Life Supplements Satiereal Saffron Extract can benefit your health, wellbeing and is clinically proven to decrease                 snacking activity, reduce hunger and help promote weight loss. Research shows that Satiereal Saffron Extract supplementation         induced, Weight loss, Fat mass loss, Lean mass maintenance, Less hunger and desire to eat between meals.

Healthier Life Supplements aim is to offer the best quality Weight Loss and Diet solutions. We are also committed to providing the best customer service & after sales support to all our valued customers. Our products are professionally sourced & proudly made in America. They are produced in accordance with GMP consistent quality standards & our facility is FDA registered. You can rest assured that we bring only the best when it comes to your health and wellbeing. We are also registered in Amazon’s FBA program so when you make a purchase at our store, you will be receiving world class care from the moment you click the ‘Add To Cart’ button, to when it arrives at your doorstep.

Understanding the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

In our world today, there is a huge increase in the number of people who are obese or are not living a healthy balanced lifestyle. This has been the result of poor eating and the lack of any sort of diet plan. To avoid being in such a situation, and understanding the importance of a balanced lifestyle you need to ensure you are living healthy by first finding the best ways to lose weight, then implementing a good weight loss plan that will work for you. It is also very important to implement and maintain healthy diets that work and regular exercise. Understanding this importance can ensure you the balanced healthy lifestyle that everyone deserves.

Healthier Life Supplements

Understand Why

Start by understating why you need to start living healthy. If you do not live healthy, you are prone to health complications such as obesity and diseases. For instance, bad lifestyle such as smoking and drinking can lead to health complications. A good example of a health complication resulting from bad lifestyle and lack of good diets is diabetes.


Water is a crucial part of maintaining or losing weight. Weight loss plans or weight loss supplements cannot be effective if you do not consume water. Instead of taking a beverage when you are thirsty, you Continue reading

Garcinia Cambogia: Weight Loss Pills

website01.jpgGarcinia Cambogia, commonly referred to as tamarind or mangosteen in some areas, is a pumpkin shaped fruit that grows in subtropical regions of South East Asia. It has been in existence for a long time and people living in those regions know of its health benefits. These same people have been gaining from its health benefits for centuries.

HCA (hydroxycitric acid), as an extract, is derived from the rind of the fruit and is believed to be the naturally occurring chemical responsible for weight loss and other health benefits.

The fruit resembles a reddish, greenish and in some cases yellow like a pumpkin. Its color will vary depending on its maturity stage and climate. It has vertical loops and a thin skin. In some cases, the fruit is used in cooking and especially in the preparation of dozens of sea food or fish gravies and curries.

Extracts from the fruit are also present in many recipes both current and traditional. It can also be used as a seasoning or a condiment. The lusciousness of Garcinia Cambogia makes it a good addition to some soups and salads.

Some of the proven health based benefits of Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Pills by Healthier Life Supplements include regulating cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure, cleansing of the kidney, eliminating stomach infections and promoting digestion. Continue reading